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Degrowth in Scotland: Featured Episodes

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Degrowth in Scotland Episode 5

Nico speaks to Thomas Fisher and Theona Morrison

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Degrowth in Scotland Episode 4

Nico Speaks to Lauren Pyott, founder of Clatchworks

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Degrowth in Scotland Episode 3

Nico speaks to Joss Allen and Kate Chambers

Featured Episodes

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Episode 12

Asylum Seekers vs Poverty in 2021 Guest Speaker Ndaba Victor.

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Episode 11

Stories For Lockdown Anniversary and Hopes

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Episode 10

Let's Hear voices from Service providers for Refugees and Asylum Seekers. Talking to Elaine ortiz

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Every week we record and upload new conversations. 

We talk to people in refugee community to help share happiness and hope. 

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Ep. 09

The impact lockdown has on Asylum seekers and refugees.

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Ep. 08

The Effect Of Lockdown

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Ep. 07

People who love travelling

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Ep. 06

African Small Businesses

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Ep. 05

Parents become teachers

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Ep. 04

Talking about Gps and hospitals

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Ep. 03

My story about first lockdown in the UK

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Ep. 02

Socialization differences between Africa and Europe

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Ep. 01

Asylum system in the UK